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Energy Healing (Reiki)
       Reiki is a Japanese technique that utilizes energy through placement of hands, to promote healing. The hands can be placed on the client, or just slightly above them, the energy flow will happen either way. In a typical session the client will most often experience a deep feeling of peace as their chakras are being rebalanced. They may experience warmth and tingling as blockages are released. Sometimes feelings may surface in which the client wants to cry, or laugh; this is not unusual if blockages from the past are being released. Each client may potentially experience different things, but all experiences should be relaxing and therapeutic. Animals and people alike, often will fall asleep during a Reiki session; this is completely acceptable and helps the energy be received more willingly.

     Human Clients:
     30 Minute Reiki Session: $35.00
     60 Minute Reiki Session: $65.00
     90 Minute Reiki Session: $95.00
     Oracle Card Add-on: $10.00

     *** If travelling to client's location, there is a $20 travel fee which covers travel cost as well as hauling all equipment for the session.
     *** Crystals may be utilized during sessions to help provide extra energy while rebalancing the Chakras.

     Animal Clients:
     30 Minute Reiki Session: $45.00
     60 Minute Reiki Session: $75.00
     *** Animal sessions take place wherever the animal is located (pet owner home, shelter, vet office, etc.) If the destination is more than 25 miles from my office address there is an additional $20 travel fee.

Intuitive Guidance

       Intuitive Guidance Packages consist of Oracle Card Readings which are similar to Tarot but only allow   for love and light to be present. These readings are meant to allow individuals to receive gentle guidance  from the Angels and Guides that surround them in their daily life. The information that comes from these readings has to do with the clients current path and situation. A client should always walk away from a reading with the knowledge that thir paths are ever changing and that they are capable of making changes if they so choose.

    Oracle Card Decks:
     Saints & Angels
     Energy Path
     Ascended Masters
     Animal Spirit Guidance
     Past Lives

     Oracle Card Sessions:
     30 Minute Session: $35.00
     60 Minute Session: $60.00
     Two Question Online/Phone Guidance: $20
     Oracle Card Party: $200 + (at client's location, will include travel fee in price negotiated price)
         ***Includes 2.5 hours; up to 10 people. Great for bachelorette parties. Each additional person is $10. Each additional 1/2 hour is $10.
         ***$20 fee is added to sessions if travel is required.